The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你
Some Violence and Coarse Language

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Amos comes from a wealthy family and currently studies in Australia. Unable to stand Amos’ sluggish attitude any further, his father stops providing him with financial support and even sells his house to a man named Warren. Left with nothing but a campervan, Amos seeks the help of his mother, who gives him a list of addresses. She informs him that he will be given a year worth of living allowance so long as he gathers all items from owners of each location. Coco, a fresh graduate who desires to travel, insists on tagging along when she hears about Amos’ plans. Little did Amos know, Coco’s real intention of following him is to investigate the death of another man, Calvin. Unbeknownst to them, Warren, a man with a secret mission, has been following them since the moment they set off for their mission. As relationship matters complicate among the trio, an exciting and unprecedented adventure awaits all of them… 留学澳洲的Amos是个纨绔子弟,被父亲惩罚冻结经济,屋子卖了给一个叫Warren的年轻人,只给他一辆Campervan。Amos求助于妈妈,妈妈给了他一张写满地址的单子,要他收齐主人给的东西,便给他一年的生活费。Amos认识了大学毕业渴望旅游的Coco,答应带着她,但她必须做帮佣为条件。殊不知Coco接近Amos是有目的的,她要找出一个叫Calvin的人的死亡真相。二人上路了,他们不知道后面是Warren在跟踪他们,原来Warren接受了个神秘人的任务。关系纠缠不清的三人,展开了一段惊心动魄的公路旅程。。。

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