The Dream Job 绝世好工
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A mystery wealthy man offers a dream job to office workers: to live a life of luxury while managing his family-run business. His advertisement also lists the monthly salary as $30,000, and a posh car is among the benefits. Some people find the ad dubious, while others are excited. The cars of Li Junfeng, a lawyer, and Zhang Qingdong, a wealthy man, collide. Intending to pay for the damage, Junfeng gives his namecard to Qingdong, who is startled by the information on the card. Qingdong meets up with Junfeng. Promising an attractive remuneration, he asks Junfeng to undertake a task for him. Qingdong is hiring suitable candidates to be his sons and daughters. He wants Junfeng to invite three people to interview for the job: He Jiazheng, a 32-year-old surgeon, Lin Zijie, a 25-year-old actor, and Cheng Huishan, a 30-year-old senior financial advisor. Junfeng tries to persuade the three appointed candidates to attend the interview. Only Zijie is interested. Junfeng bribes Jiang Xinya, a nurse whom Jiazheng likes, to get him to join her for the interview. To attain his aim, Junfeng is willing to go to any length. He bribes Huishan’s boyfriend, Tim, to make her lose money on an investment. Huishan loses her job as a result. She slaps Tim in anger and breaks up with him upon learning he is the reason behind her failed investment. With nowhere to stay, she decides to go for the interview. Jiazheng, Huishan, Zijie and Xinya make it to the second round of interviews. Junfeng’s laptop contains a lot of information on Qingdong, including an old photo showing Qingdong with Junfeng’s mother, Ziyun. Junfeng looks at Qingdong in the photo with hatred. The group turns up at a restaurant for the second interview. An armed man barges in and takes Qingdong hostage.


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