The Journey: A Voyage 信约: 唐山到南洋
Some Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Historical

The first part of the drama trilogy, The Journey: A Voyage tells an epic tale about a group of early Chinese migrants, Tianpeng, Tianying and Shi Tou, striving to make a living in early Singapore. 建国三部曲的第一部:20世纪初,"过番客"从"唐山"飘洋过海到南洋谋生。张天鹏、天鹰兄弟与石头拜为兄弟。三人到了南洋,日子却依然坎坷。蕙娘与张东恩是名义上的兄妹,在父亲去世后协助继母珍娘打理生意,却屡次被叔叔张广达算计。

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