The Noose S3
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Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Variety

The Noose returns to Channel 5 with the cast and crew plotting a primetime revolution ! Expect more of the irreverent, the in-depth, the shallow, and sometimes the all-too blatant truth that nobody else wants to address ! A weekly round up of all the headlines and stories you won't see anywhere else, such as: Lucky Underwear: With the IRs opening up, several enterprising individuals have started businesses to help casino visitors improve their luck with stuff like lucky underwear. Fishball Price Fixing: Ever noticed that whichever fishball noodle stall you order from, the number of fishballs you get is always six ? The Noose investigates. Taxi Drivers Learn French: With so many condominiums and housing projects adopting French/European sounding names, taxi companies are sending their drivers to learn French to better serve customers. Stupid Names: More and more Singaporeans are giving themselves/their children weird foreign names. And now the government is cracking down or errant parents so their children don't suffer in the future. District Tent: Increasing number of Singaporeans are camping and calling places like Changi beach their home. For some it's finally realizing their dream of having waterfront, landed property. Panda Mating Videos: In a bid to get more people to procreate, the government is promoting panda mating videos to help the population of another endangered species...the Singaporeans. Culinary Linguistics: With more and more foreigners coming here to work, simple pleasures like enjoying a meal at a coffeeshop can be a linguistic adventure.

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