The Truth 谜图

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Thriller

A highly valuable treasure map sparks off a sticky web of unexplainable deaths, stolen identities, betrayals and insidious plots. The mystery thickens… Stars Zhu Houren, Liu Qianyi, Joanne Peh, Tay Ping Hui, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim and Zhu Yu Ye. Su Zhen Yuan (Zhu Houren) is the CEO of a technological corporation who has been in the business for years. Today, he finally receives from the hands of his lawyer what his father, Su Jing Cai, had bequeathed in his will 20 years ago – a highly valuable treasure map… however, Zhen Yuan never dreamt that this mysterious map will spark off a series of cutthroat competition and betrayal. Chen Shu Xian (Joanne Peh) has just been employed by Zhen Yuan’s company. Her sister, Chen Shu Fen (Rebecca Lim) is here in Singapore for a hairdressing competition. Their mother, Cai Xi Mei, who lives in Malaysia, travels all the way to Singapore to watch her performance. However, not long after she reached Singapore, she dies mysteriously. Both sisters are devastated upon news of her death. This case was given to CID officer Lu Zhi Wei (Tay Ping Hui) to handle. While taking the testimonies of both sisters, Zhen Yuan arrives at the police station out of the sudden to provide information.

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