Toggle Talk 星客驾到

You know our beloved local artistes like Pan Lingling, Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan… but do you really know them ? Get ready for a brand new, never-before-seen interview series, Toggle Talk, which unveils never-before-heard celebrity tales straight from the stars themselves. You will giggle, you will gasp, and you might even get a little teary-eyed as you listen to candid anecdotes of memories that are pleasant and painful alike. Oh, and we captured all this on camera so you can watch the action unfold right in front of your eyes. 崭新的Toggle首炮出击,超强打谈话性节目《Toggle 星客驾到》,邀请一级星客权怡凤、林慧玲、陈泂江、黄思恬、陈欣淇、潘玲玲、陈罗密欧和周崇庆来做客!Toggle跟星客们相约在星级酒店午后茶聚,以最轻松的姿态、最有趣的方式,促膝深谈。内容话题、尺度不设限,只要星客敢聊的,我们就敢问。想知道他们最不为人知的辛酸史爆笑事,就不能错过我们和星客们的的第一次。星情新知,请锁定《Toggle 星客驾到》!

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