“same same, but different” is a catchphrase used and understood wildly across Asia to denote how something familiar, can have a refreshing twist when other elements come into play.

Today, it is part of a social lexicon; an urban concept. It captures a spirit of progression, evolution, radical thought, and modern social interpretation; a spirit that youths identify with, and aspire towards. Beyond that, it is a spirit that can be applied across aspects of a youth’s lifestyle wants, desires, and goals.

TravelSSBD speaks to the new breed of travelers with a same same but different taste for experience. This new breed doesn't care for white-linen services, concierges and bell-boys of yesteryear; they know getting lost means getting found, and they welcome experiences beyond the usual tourist destinations. They are energetic, well-read, street-smart, confident, and independent; a spirit that extends to their traveling choices and methods.

For this breed, soft-adventure, outdoor-sports, gentrification, anti-establishment, urban-decay, rural-uprising, connectivity, interaction, documentation, is their language. Enter #travelSSBD - a travel show that speaks that language - the language of a brand new mode of independent traveling.

Each week, a somewhat well-traveled host, 987 DJ Sonia Chew, will take on an unconventional list of activities in various cities.

Instead of simply ticking a checklist of sights, this show captures her truly interacting with the soul of the destination; where she feels the passion behind its people and places, in between having fun, discovering to deeply respecting its culture, to take the unusual path next to standard bright-light signature-attractions. To add a refreshing twist, the entire itinerary is a mystery to Sonia Chew.

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