Tuesday Report: Flavours of Life 星期二特写: 好滋味
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Current Affairs, Documentary, Info-Ed

A five episode series. The Flavour in the title Flavours of Life does not refer to the flavour of food, but a concept we apply to convey the mixed Flavours of life journey. Flavours can be divided into sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Life experiences are a mixture of all five flavours. In this new series, every flavour has its own annotation: Sour is remorse, sweet is happiness, bitter is challenge, spicy is stimulation and salty is driving force. The combination of life experiences will eventually developed into rich and interesting human stories. Flavours of Life series, not just relate five thought provoking human stories, but it will be delivered with a new prospective and with a touch of flavours.

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