Victory Lap 水漾少年

To groom the next generation of swimming team, YIXIANG, LIN JUN, TAE and LIU JIAN are recruited to the Swordfish Swimming Team. Four boys with different personalities, have their own struggles to face. The road to their dreams is never an easy one. Will they be able to make it to the National Team? 陈彬和余帅本着培养新泳手的想法,成立了旗泳队。陈彬的侄女杜知非出任泳队经理,而何安安则是助理教练。游一翔、林峻、Tae和刘健先后加入了泳队。四个青春热血的青年克服种种障碍,朝着他们的梦想前进!

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