Voyage Of Love 爱。起航
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

The cruise of love awaits ! Da Jun and Yu Xia are on board to celebrate their anniversary, but Da Jun seems to be hiding something. Jia Hui and Jing Yi run a matchmaking business on the cruise. Ironically, their own marriage is falling apart. Childhood friends Wei En and Hai Ling bump into each other, and romance blossoms unexpectedly. The three couples manage to find love on the voyage of love. 一趟充满爱的航行!结婚多年的乐龄夫妻大军和云霞,经营相亲公司的年轻夫妻家辉和静怡,还有在游轮上巧遇重逢的单身男女伟恩和海琳,三对不同人生阶段的男女,各有感情纠葛,却在一趟随爱起航的旅行里,了解夫妻坦诚相待,互相包容与扶持的相处之道,获得难得的幸福和爱情。

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