Wake Up! 不醒人世
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

“Wake Up ! ” is a crime thriller with a supernatural twist. After a coma, a detective wakes up to an astonishing truth. ‘Ghosts’ in the world are dwelling spirits of patients in comatose. When they slip into the limbo, they could not help but succumb to their inner desires, committing all kind of crimes as a result. He starts to question whether they are truly victims, and realizes the only way to stop these crimes, is to either wake them up or let them die… What happens if we let our subconscious rule over for once ? Will it be a human or demon peeking out ? Follow the detective as he braves through the spiritual realm in Awakening (VR experience) ! 《不醒人世》是一部超自然犯罪惊悚片。 一名侦探从昏迷中苏醒,惊觉所谓的“幽灵”,其实就是昏迷患者的精神状态。当他们陷入昏迷时,便会忍不住屈服于内心的欲望,犯下各种罪行。 如果再也无法控制内心的欲望,人性究竟本恶,还是本善? 若想探索这虚实交错的幽灵世界,请进入觉醒(VR体验).

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