Walk With Me 谢谢你出现在我的行程里
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Audio: English
Genre: Drama

Wu Xiu Yu is a full-time Tai Tai whose only responsibility is to take care of her daughter, Joey. Xiu Yu is badly affected when her husband passed on, having been very dependent on him all this while. Joey, worried that her mother has depression, asks that Xiu Yu follow her to England. Xiuyu leaves the house under her brother, Wei Kang’s care; this would later result in him bringing two young tenants into the house to relieve his financial woes, without prior consent from his sister. Further on, Wei Kang takes in yet another two tenants, claiming it as a desperate measure. With their different personalities and nationalities, it proves to be a feat for all five young adults and Xiu Yu to live together. After going through life together, Xiu Yu and her ‘kids’ develop a strong bond. Little did they know that a storm is brewing… 伍秀玉是名全职太太,她只是负责养育独生女嘉琪。丈夫韦德突然发生意外过世后,秀玉无法接受这个残酷的事实。嘉琪担心妈妈会得忧郁症,连哄带拉,硬要秀玉陪自己去英国暂居。出国前秀玉把老公遗留的洋房交给弟弟维康帮忙看顾,但没想到维康后来却趁姐姐出国,不知情之下,擅自作主把洋房租给两位来自外地的年轻人/就读生。没想到过不久,维康又把两个外地住宿生带入秀玉的家, 说自己面临破产的危机。秀玉最后没办法,选择再次委屈自己。秀玉的女儿,加上这四个住宿生,个个性格迥异,且来自不同国家,各有其生活习惯和价值观,秀玉的家成了小小的联合国般。经过了不少的风风雨雨,秀玉与这些孩子们终于消除了隔阂,且建立起了深厚的情谊,然而就在此时,一个巨大的危机正在酝酿之中….

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