X-tion S2

Audio: Malay
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Sports

X-tion 2 makes a powerful comeback that highlights adventurous sports, bringing to the audience the hype in sports in their living rooms and experience adrenaline-pumping sports on land, air and sea. The hosts will venture into different levels of sports activities and they’ll educate the public on the healthy lifestyle that is readily available around us. Spread throughout each episode – health info & approach to `living’ & `practicing’ healthily towards achieving better performance & in return, a fitter & healthier body. In the program, there will be two types of challenges that hosts are required to undertake: Cabaran X (a light sport challenge) and Main Sport (which is the main highlight of the episode). Cabaran X sport might or might not be related to the main sport itself. It will give a different level of test to the each of the host. Winner of Cabaran X will get an edge or “bonus” to the main sport, which will give him/her an advantage to the game. After the end of 7 episodes, the scores will tally and 1 host will get to experience the most exciting extreme sport overseas as a reward. Viewers are able to get information from the program such as the history of the sports, safety tips, body-tolerance level in trying out the sport, locations and other details that benefit them.

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