80's Rewind

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy

80’s Rewind chronicles the lives of a Singaporean family during the 1980s – Larry Goh and his family who deal with issues such as Hong Kong drama serial craze, government campaigns, fashion, etc. The comedy drama is drenched in the 80’s with the interweaving of actual footages of the shows and events that happen in the 80’s. The comedy drama even features actual footages of major events that happened during the 80s. For instance, the 80's Rewind characters can be seen in the "studio audience" of the POSB Show, and can be seen participating in the POSB draw. 80's Rewind is a history lesson peppered with humor. While audiences feast their eyes on the fashion and faux pas of that era, they will be reminded of the value of neighborliness and family support; two areas which are in danger of being lost in the fast pace of today's technology driven lifestyle.

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