3-Plus-1 S3 三菜一汤 3

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Variety

The widely-popular cooking variety programme 3-Plus-1 is back ! Host Zeng Guo Cheng returns with celebrity chefs like Chef Eric and Chef Ho to bring you more economic and creative dishes you can manage at home. 2 teams of artistes will compete against each other to whip up a 4 course meal (3 dishes and 1 soup) for the family within a short time frame and a $20 budget.Returning in its 3rd season, artistes will be given a Special Ingredient they have to use in at least 1 of the dishes. This is provided by the production team and will not be part of their $20 budget. These include commonly available but not commonly used ingredients like crocodile meat, aubergines and lotus roots that will test the creativity of the artistes, and push them to greater culinary heights !

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