Cafe 96 96C咖啡

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Tang Yuchen accepts a vacation job at 96 Degrees Cafe. Her boss, Xu Liqiao, is no longer enthusiastic about running the joint, as he just lost his wife, Luo Xijie. His vents his frustrations by participating in Thai boxing. While buying flowers, Yuchen saves Liu Chuanzhi from his pursuers. She gets upset that the effort has ruined her flowers. Liqiao’s grandmother, Granny Xu, is worried that Liqiao is depressed. Yuchen tries to make Xijie’s famous tiramisu, to cheer Liqiao up. Chuanzhi turns up at the café and finds out that Yuchen is in love with Liqiao. Liqiao’s sister, Ruolin, works in a design company. When provoked by her colleagues, she claims she is marrying Bill, her lawyer-boyfriend of 10 years. Bill is tired of Ruolin controlling his finances and freedom, and is not keen on marriage. Full synopses can be found in 8 DAYS.

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