A Selfie's Tale

Lee Hao Nan or Hans, age 25, a hunky selfie-addict and gym instructor comes to the sad realization that even with over 60,000 followers on his Instaface account and 20,000 followers on Pigeon, nobody paid him a visit when he was down with “protein shake” overdose and hospitalized. Envious of how others seem to be having much more meaningful relationships and friends, Hao Nan decides that maybe it is time to give his self-obsessed routine a well-deserved break and go out to really get to know some people for real. A comical modern day love story that follows a himbo’s search for love and validation in a world of instant gratification. Can this narcissistic hunk of meat come to finally love someone else more than himself ? And can he eventually prove that he can be more than what is seen on his profile ?

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