A Wedding Affair

Audio: English
Genre: Variety

A wedding and bridal extravaganza hosted by Utt and Jaymee Ong, A Wedding Affair follows 8 adorable couples as they try to outshine each other in a bid to win $20,000 cash, and a pair of wedding bands from Goldheart ! This three-part series will end with a bang - a live show where Singapore's Couple of the Year will be crowned, through audience votes. The series includes 2 half hour preview episodes and culminates in a one and a half hour live Grand Finale on 27 March, where a panel of judges will declare the winning couple- Singapore’s Couple of the Year 2008. This lucky couple will walk away with $20,000 in cash prize and a pair of Celestial wedding bands from Goldheart worth over $2,000. In the preview episodes, the viewers will be touched by the couples’ personal stories, proposal, trials and tribulations; and are able to vote for Singapore’s Favorite Couple 2008, through SMS votes. Viewers and the winning popular couple also stand a chance to win great prizes. In addition, viewers get to see the couples going through the preparations for a wedding – trying out gorgeous designer gowns by three top local bridal designers, Ted Wu, Frederick Lee and Kim Tay of Divine Couture, wearing dazzling jewellery and going through exciting challenges like the wedding cake challenge. The series will also provide viewers with wedding ideas and tips.

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