Against The Tide 逆潮

Acclaimed crime novelist Di Shen makes it his mission to expose the evil in humans, as he believes all humans are born depraved.Di Shen is doing a television interview when Agnes manages to escape after being held captive and tortured. As police officers Zhou Jianfeng and Guo Jingcheng fail to get anything out of Agnes, they ask a psychiatrist, Qiu Xueqing, to put Agnes under hypnosis. Agnes reveals the assailant is the strong boxer type and was holding a copy of Di Shen’s novel. She had become acquainted with the assailant online.Jianfeng turns up at Di Shen’s booking-signing event and asks him to assist the police, who believe the assailant was mimicking the culprit in one of Di Shen’s novels.Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

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