Against The Tide 逆潮

When a series of crimes occur according to the novels of popular crime novelist Di Shen, Inspector Zhou Jian Feng starts to get suspicious of him. Qiu Xue Qing is a kind-hearted psychologist with the ability to feel the emotions of the unknown criminals. They work together to uncover the truth behind these crimes, only to realise that they may have fallen into the dark abyss of no return. 一连串的案件都依据作家狄深的小说实践出来。警探周健峰把矛头对准嫌疑最大的狄深。心理医生邱雪清靠着自己独特的感受能力加入调查,狄深也为证明清白而参与其中。但越深入调查,有嫌疑的人却越来越多。案情愈加扑朔迷离。

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