Ah Xue 阿雪

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A poignant story, spanning six decades about a woman's courage in her struggle to overcome numerous setbacks, among which is losing the trust of her sister despite the sacrifice she made to save the latter's child. Ah Xue, who is later renamed Lin Feixue (Ivy Lee), is adopted by Lin Shugen (Huang Wenyong) who opens a herbal soup stall with the help of a hotel tycoon Li Yiqun’s (Xia Chuan) help. Just when Feixue’s life improves, her life plunges into chaos as the Second World War descends. In the midst of the frenzy, she was caught between Xiao Hua (Sean Say) and Yiqun’s accomplished son, Weiguang (Rayson Tan). Through a series of misunderstandings, the two happy couples, Xiao Hua and Feixue, Wei guang and Huixin (Ziozio Lim), eventually wed on the same day. Zheng Tai (Zhang Wenxiang), Yiqun’s jealous subordinate is keen to take revenge on the two families, when they have successfully expanded the hotel. He attempted to kidnap the new born babies of Feixue and Huixin. To save the latter’s child, Feixue allows her own child to be taken instead. However Huixin refuses to believe Feixue and even suspects her of plotting to take over the hotel…

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