Atas Heights

Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama

A lazy quiet Sunday on “Atas Heights” is broken with a long dragging scraping sound of metal. Marzuki who is cleaning his car sees a large mover truck trying to negotiate a bend scratch the side door of a brand new BMW. He runs after the truck to catch the attention of the driver, instead it catches the attention of all the neighbours who join him. When the truck did stop, the commotion becomes more heated as the car owner, Doug and the truck driver, the mover for the Ismail family negotiate a deal. Ismail in his embarrassment and guilt invites everyone to a housewarming gathering to apologise for what has happened, to get to know his new neighbours and to commemorate his son’s homecoming. All the way back to the house, Doug pulls a long face. Elly’s attempt to cheer him does not work but instead flares him into having an argument with her. As usual, Sofia would side her favourite son-in-law. Sofia keeps a close eye on what furniture The Ismails, their new neighbour has...

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