Barter Trade S2 物物大交换 2

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

While the traditional Karang Guni man (rag and bone man) pays you a nominal sum for your used goods, the modern "Karang Guni" team of Mark Lee, Sharon Au and Cavin Soh will only trade brand new products with you. You would have an uphill task convincing them to barter trade with you for your unwanted stuff in exchange for brand new ones ! The trick here is, before you can successfully exchange your old for the new, you will have to outwit, outplay and out-talk the team into trading with you ! Thereafter, pray to Lady Luck for the next round is the Spinning Wheel, where you could win great products, or lose everything ! Furniture, electrical appliances, fashion accessories and IT products are up for barter; simply look out for the mobile Barter Points islandwide !

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