Beautiful Trio 大女人 小女人

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

The drama revolves mainly around three women who meet through fate, circumstances and laughter. They bond and help each other through the turbulent times of their lives with their different ways of dealing with relationships and their views of men. Huang Biren plays Christina, a 40-year-old woman with a 14-year-old daughter whose husband (played by Li Wen Hai) is a houseman. Ivy Lee plays Leo Leo, a 33-year-old women who thinks that men are only interested in sex. Stella Ng plays Samantha, a 24-year-old who thinks that men cannot protect her. Due to their common detest of men in the three women, they become very good friends. Zzen Chang acts as Stella Ng's good buddy in the show, the only man that she trusts.

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