Behind Every Job S2 美差事 苦差事 2

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Reality, Variety

Behind Every Job 2 - Mark and Bryan Are Back ! After a successful inaugural season, Mark and Bryan are back in the second season of ‘Behind Every Job 2’ ! ‘Glamorous’ jobs are jobs that everyone envies or perceived to be ‘glamorous’. Are these jobs really as glamorous as they sound ? Do glamorous jobs come with a price ? ‘Dirty’ jobs are jobs that require one to perform difficult, strange, disgusting or even messy, ‘dirty’ occupational duties. ‘Dirty jobs’ may mean working with stuff that grosses most people out. Are these jobs really as ‘dirty’ as what you think In each episode, 2 jobs will be featured and the 2 hosts are going to experience an interesting yet meaningful job separately. Through their experiences, viewers can have a better understanding on the job scopes and requirements of the featured occupations. Through the programme, we aim to promote good workplace spirit and to enable the viewers to explore more on the featured jobs. The main objective of the programme is to convey the message that all jobs are equal no matter what they are related to and while every job has its pros and cons, some are just simply more glamorous whereby some are more ‘dirty’. However, without these ‘dirty’ jobs, our society simply would not function. List Of Jobs ‘Glamorous’ Job: Visitor Attraction Officer VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Funfair Organiser ‘Glamorous’ Job: Process Far Ocean Fish VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Fish Farm ‘Glamorous’ Job: Car Repair VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Scrap Car ‘Glamorous’ Job: Egg Farm VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Chicken Slaughter House ‘Glamorous’ Job: Zoo Keeper Show Presenter VS ‘Dirty’ Job: K9 Dog Unit Trainer ‘Glamorous’ Job: Private Chef VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Tingkat Catering ‘Glamorous’ Job: Ship Surveyor VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Buoy Maintenance ‘Glamorous’ Job: Mobile Doctor VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Home Nursing ‘Glamorous’ Job: Aquarium fish import VS ‘Dirty’ Job: Pet import And many more !

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