Beyond Words 爱要怎么说
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Some Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

50-year-old Liang Le Kun (Terence Cao) decides to retire as he has sufficient savings and his only son Liang Yong Xi (Shane Pow) has grown up. His younger sister Liang Le Ning (Chris Tong) considers studying overseas. With his early retirement, Le Kun decides to revisit Sabah with his wife. During their trip, they ruined Xu Wen Jie’s (Pierre Png) plans by accident, causing Wen Jie to miss the chance to meet his dream girl. Le Kun’s daughter-in-law is Ou Yang Xuan Xuan (Jayley Woo) is being falsely accused of embezzling company funds. To help her out, Le Kun forks out a large amount of his savings to hire a good lawyer and this lawyer turns out to be none other than Wen Jie. Wen Jie manages to win the case but requests a huge amount of payment for his work. To pay for the hefty sum, Le Ding gives up her studying plans and uses her savings to pay off some of the fees. After many hardships, Le Kun finally realized that the safety and happiness of his family is what matter most in life. Eventually, he returns to the workforce to make a living for his family and also to save up for his retirement. Will he be able to find the balance between family and career ? 50多岁的梁乐昆(曹国辉)抚养独子成人,也攒下了晚年的养老钱。乐昆的妹妹梁乐宁(童冰玉)正考虑去国外留学。退休尚早的他决定与爱妻重游沙巴。他们在沙巴无意破坏了徐文杰(方展发)想要接近心目中女神的计划。他与女神擦肩而过,气恼不已。媳妇欧阳萱萱(胡佳琪)被利用亏空公款,成了代罪羔羊。乐昆取出大部分的积蓄聘请律师,而律师竟然是文杰。文杰帮他解决了官司,但他要求乐昆付出了巨额的律师酬金。为了帮哥哥,乐宁毅然放弃了到国外深造的机会,还拿出几年来存下的积蓄减轻哥哥的负担。经过不少风雨后,乐昆终于明白到原来家人的安康才是最重要的。但为了面对将来的生活,乐昆回到了地产界,重新积攒积蓄。在维护家庭完整与财务上的压力之间,乐昆能否找到平衡点?

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