Beyond X元素

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Thriller

Yang Zhiqing and her mother, Zhang Cuiyan, run a fried beehoon stall at a coffeeshop. Private eye Jiang Wei moves into the neighbourhood. One day he patronises the stall but goes off without collecting his food.Zhiqing runs after Jiang Wei with the food and trips. Her spectacles fall off her face, and she sees a vagabond in front of her. When she retrieves her spectacles, she realises that the vagabond she saw was Jiang Wei. She has the ability to see into one’s inner world.Jiang Wei saves Zhiqing from being hit by a body. Police officer Qiu Hanxiang turns up at the scene and finds shopping coupons from 10 years ago on the female corpse.Zhiqing delivers food to the mental asylum and sees psychiatrist Xu Wenbin calming a patient down. She tells him about Jiang Wei, and he gathers that Jiang Wei must have a sad past.Cuiyan wants Jiang Wei to help her find her missing husband but can’t afford his fee.The deceased, Huang Lifang, has been missing for 10 years. The day she went missing, she was on the way to the supermarket to use the coupons. As Lifang’s looks have not changed, no one can explain what happened. Dong and his wife are very strict with their son, Weijian. Zhiqing sees Weijian suffering, but has no idea how she can help.This synopses was first published in 8 DAYS.

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