Bongkar S3

Audio: Malay
Genre: Documentary, Drama, Info-Ed

Bongkar 3 is another series to watch out for with its signature raw and uncensored style of revelation, discoveries and presentation. Bongkar 3 will uncover corporate and personal misconduct within the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore befitting the new landscape – one defined by technology and increasing affluence. Is the community getting braver in a “good way” or are we still gullible and too trusting or too eager to earn good money at any cost ? Bongkar 3 reveals unscrupulous practices that are still prevalent in the Malay community – some clashing with culture and religious values. Is there more than what meets the eyes ? Bongkar 3 sets out to uncover the hard truths behind these worrying new trends. Programme will be hosted by TG.

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