Bukit Ho Swee 河水山

Bukit Ho Swee derives its name from Tay Ho Swee (1834-1903), a prominent figure in the Chinese community in 19th century. In the early days, the landmarks of this area included a disused Chinese cemetery and a large number of squatter huts. Gradually this area became one of the most crowded attap slums in Singapore. Here, the poorest population of Singapore – hawkers, labourers, members of the secret societies and the unemployed – found shelter. This drama is set in the late 1950s to present times and revolves around the lives of a group of tenants with diverse backgrounds staying in the Bukit Ho Swee neighbourhood. The tenants engage in petty squabbles with one another frequently and it is only during times of difficulties that some of them realise the strong bonds that have been forged along the way as well as the importance of harmonious living.

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