C.L.I.F. S2 警徽天职 2

Liao Xinyi is on patrol when she learns Jay wants to kill his girlfriend, Jess. Xinyi goes to Jess’ rescue and is grazed by a bullet.Zhao Guohuang and his team learn Jay is hiding in a motel in Geylang. They see him walking out with a bag, and tail him to a mall. Panicking when someone spots the gun in his bag, Jay takes Huang Zhijie hostage. Zhijie is from the Special Crimes Unit and has just returned from a work trip.Jay takes Zhijie to an eatery. The staff become his hostages as well.Jay comes from a single-parent family. Neglect caused him to develop a violent streak. Zhijie tries to calm him down, but one of the hostages angers Jay by trying to escape. Jay is about to fire a shot when the police shoot him down. Zhijie feels she could have saved Jay from being killed, and argues with Guohuang about this.Xinyi is unhappy her transfer to CID will be delayed because of her hospitalisation. Xianchang and Xiuling are anxious Xinyi will be put in a unit that investigates sexual violence cases.Yaojia makes red bean glutinous rice for Xinyi, it is sold out at the shop.Yaojia is asked to pose as a foreign worker with Ouyang, to find evidence of illegal gambling and prostitution. Forced to reveal his identity, he is attacked.This synopsis was first published in 8 Days.

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