C.L.I.F. S3 警徽天职 3

Guixiang is on patrol when he meets two suspicious-looking police officers. When he questions them, they draw their guns. They are, in fact, Thai assassins posing as police officers. Yaojia and Jinshan rush to the scene. Qingwa (Frog) trips and blacks out.In a condominium unit, Tang Jiefu, is killed. Zhijie suspects the killers were the fake police officers. She finds it strange that the two men seem to have killed Jiefu for a small amount of money and jewellery. Zhijie conducts a search of Qingwa’s house and finds he had bought two sets of police uniforms. Qingwa comes round and claims the two Thai men had wanted to rob Jiefu.Lantian, who is now with the Specialised Crime Division, delivers evidence to Zhijie. Cigarette butts found in the motel room indicate that one of the suspects is a heavy smoker.Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

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