Catch Of The Day

Audio: English
Genre: Variety

Have you ever been at the receiving end of a good deed ? Have you ever paid it forward by helping someone else ? Will you voluntarily step up to help a person in need or go out of your way to assist a fellow human being ? If you answered at least two of the questions above in the affirmative, you could just find yourself being featured on Catch of the Day, a brand new eight-episode series on Channel 5 that aims to "hook and reel" in unsuspecting Singaporeans being good Samaritans.In each episode, there will be up to five planned scenarios in which we hope to find people stepping up to the plate to help a total stranger in need/distress. The "bait" may vary from a lost kid looking for his mum to an elderly lady requiring help to push an overloaded supermarket trolley and even someone with phobias such as the fear of heights or spiders.Using hidden cameras and hired hands, Catch of the Day will try to "fish" out the best in Singaporeans and dispel the notion that we are a nation of self-centered individuals. At the end of each gag, we will reveal the good Samaritans that they have been "caught" doing a good deed on national television ! At the end of each episode, there will be nominees for the "Catch of the Day". The hosts and producers will select the "winner" i.e., the most outstanding person who is a shining example of social civility and kindness.There will also be segments that feature local celebrities either as themselves or going incognito in the scenarios. Will people help the celebrities only because they recognize them or will they help despite suspecting who they might be but not knowing for sure ? The series will be hosted by popular 987FM deejays, Justin Ang and Vernon A, more commonly known as The Muttons, and Jade Seah. Besides introducing the segments, they will also be on hand at the various locations to do the "reveal" - handing out flowers and pats on the back to those who have gone the extra mile to lend a helping hand.

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