Celeb's Curated Collections 名人。心货
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety

<<Celeb’s Curated Collections>> is a brand new charity show. Celebrities spread their love by donating some of the items they no longer use. These items may not be very posh but each of them has a special meaning to the celebrities. Join host Quan Yi Fong and Ben Yeo as they walk into the homes of the celebrities on a search for treasured items. 《名人心货》一个全新的公益节目,广邀名人和艺人一起发挥善心,捐出他们已经不再用的一些物品,物品价值不一定高,件件却是名人的心头爱,有着特别意义,主持怡凤和志龙走进名人的住家挖宝、发掘宝物背后的故事和观众分享。 搜罗到的物品在一次大型义卖会上义卖,艺人名人将出席招徕顾客,为宝物重新找新主人,即环保又可让宝物重生,善举多得! 不同的物品说着不同的故事,承载的却是相同的热心。《名人心货》为慈善,我们愿意。

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