Coup De Scorpion 天蝎行动

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama

Luminous Chan Chung Ling (Song Song). Exotic South African locales. Rival hunks Christopher Lee and Li Nanxing. All this and more vie with the diamond-industry backdrop to dazzle viewers of this 30-part TCS blockbuster. This 30-episode drama of love and deceit, traces the feud between two rich families in the jewellery trade. The story begins with Yelin being sent to South Africa on work assignment where she meets the dashing Xie Tingzhang. In a whirlwind of romance, the couple fall in love and exchange marital vows. Tragedy strikes when mobsters mysteriously kill Xie Tingzhang. The disheartened Yelin returns to Singapore and starts life anew in a jewellery group run by a young entrepreneur Zheng Nanshun. Nanshun takes a liking to Yelin and begins to pursue her. Just as Yelin is about to accept and marry Nan, Yan resurfaces ?

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