Crime Busters X 2 叮当神探

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Xia Yi Jing (Dawn Yeoh) is a rookie cop with the Records Department of the Police Force and is constantly at loggerheads with her superior, Lü Da Xiong (Tay Ping Hui). Da Xiong was transferred from the Criminal Investigation Department 5 years ago after a bungle during a police chase that resulted in the death of his partner. Despite their differences, the duo helps in the investigation and solving of several cases; from the mystery of a man who died after a brush with a ghostly apparition, to the untimely death of a reporter who was trying to uncover a child smuggling ring. But the case that Da Xiong badly wants to crack is that of the “Surgical Demon”, which he was investigating at the time of his ex-partner’s death. Yi Jing and Da Xiong are closing in on the killer when they discover the next victim is Da Xiong’s father. Will Da Xiong be able to save his father and finally capture the “Surgical Demon” ?

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