Daddy's Girls

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy

Chong Poh Seng is a taxi driver who brought up three daughters on his own when his wife passed away 20 years ago. Since then his life has been centered around the lives of his precious girls; Ginger, Lulu and Angel. He constantly wishes that all his girls would be happily married and have good husbands to take care of them. Eldest daughter Ginger (Vernetta Lopez) , 30, scares the hell out of most men. Second daughter Lulu (Carrie Chong), 26, on the other hand, is so shy and blur. Finally, the least of Chong's worries would be Angel (Jamie Yeo) , 24, his youngest daughter, who has guys queuing up in line to date her. But what can he do to convince his girls to settle down and start families of their own when all they want to do is stay at home and keep on being "Daddy's Girls".

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