Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama

Danny, is the sequel to Cinta Ramadan. After the passing of Natrah, Danny aims to forget the past by pursuing his Masters and setting up his own small company. Juggling between work and study, Danny finds new love in Sarah, an enterprising young woman poised to take over her father’s company, a fitting resemblance of Natrah’s character. Danny plans to sponsor his parents for umrah as his business is booming with a major contract secured courtesy of his school friend, Hosni. All looks well for Danny until his past catches up with him, the return of one of his many one-night stands, whose presence threatens his rekindled friendship with Hosni and his growing affection towards Sarah. Liana, Hosni’s pious wife, has a child, Aneesa, who is autistic. The introduction of Danny to Liana ignites Hosni’s ever lingering suspicions of a cheating wife, fuelled by an incident that happened 8 years ago, that resulted in the birth of Aneesa. Hosni fuelled with anger, goes to confront Danny but a freak accident changes the situation which makes Danny responsible for Aneesa. Danny has to choose between his new love, Sarah and Liana, for whom he has found new respect and a beautiful future with. Will the challenges of raising an autistic child get to Danny and make him choose the simpler decision in choosing Sarah ?

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