Date A Star S1 我和偶像有个约会 1

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Romance, Variety

Date A Star is an original short-form reality programme where three fans are chosen to go on separate dates with up-and-coming artistes Ian Fang, Edwin Goh and Kimberly Chia of "On the Fringe" fame. Over 4 episodes per idol, these youngsters will get to know these artistes better - their aspirations in life, likes and dislikes and ideal dream date. A total of four episodes are devoted to each artiste and date.Given that it's a reality programme, viewers will be able to catch a glimpse of the real, genuine and perhaps edgy side of the artistes. The artistes and their fans will also engage in various fun activities and share openly on their views about one another and matters closest to their hearts. Keep a lookout for their sizzling chemistry ! Which was your most favourite couple on Date A Star ?

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