Derek S2

Audio: English
Genre: Drama

With the days counting down to Derek Ho’s hanging sentence being carried out, Dr Winnie Low races to complete her profile of Singapore’s most notorious serial killer, and get to the bottom of the list of missing women Derek is believed to have been responsible for. Her assignment is interrupted by Inspector Razali. The decomposed body of a property agent, Leong Li Li, has been found in a nature park, and Derek’s name is in her diary, listed as one of her former clients. Razali wants Winnie to find out what Derek knows about Leong Li Li, and whether he had anything to do with her death. Thus begins a journey where Winnie uncovers Derek’s relationship with an accomplice of sorts, Jessica Sun (Jessie), a woman with a tortured past and as many skeletons in the closet as Derek himself. What happened to Jessie? Why did they kill? And what is the secret she’s hiding that’s going to change Derek’s life irreversibly, taking him further down the path of murder and mayhem, from which he can never return.

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