Drive Me Crazy

It’s a blissful and exciting time for the young, affectionate couple as Jeremy (played by Benjamin Heng), a straight laced accountant and Chantal (played by Sheena Chan), a struggling fashion designer, get married and settle down into their new home. But like all things new and unfamiliar, there’re lots of surprises at every corner as these love birds begin to learn new things about each other, some not so pretty and some just downright shocking ! Add to that Jeremy’s best friend, Ryan, a boisterous bar owner (played by Roshan Gidwani), his sister Melissa (played by Joyce Ng) who manages to pop out at the worst moments, Chantal’s best friend, Fran (played by Gilian Tan) who never seems to be sober, and Max (played by Asher Su), Chantal’s flamboyant business partner and we’ve got 13 rocking episodes of couple comedy that’ll drive everybody a little crazy.

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