Deciphering India with Anjan Sundaram
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Audio: English
Genre: Info-Ed

Award-winning journalist and author Anjan Sundaram comes out of war-torn Africa and sets his sights on India. Though born in India, Anjan has not lived there for more than 15 years. The India of his childhood has changed, there is stormy upheaval of the established order while issues like religion, caste, identity and even food have all become politicized weapons. With the backdrop of this changing tide, Anjan travels all corners of the country to unravel contentious issues like a skillful bomb disposer. Each episode of 'Deciphering India' is dedicated to a complex topic that Anjan navigates by entering into the world of spiritual gurus, sacred cows, patriarchy and even Indian identity. Using his scalpel sharp analysis and disabling humor, Anjan is determined to get to the bottom of the truth and decipher what the country is thinking, feeling, expressing.

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