Devil's Blues 叛逆战队

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama

‘Devil's Blues’ is a blockbuster co-produced by Star TV and MediaCorp Studios. It features some of the brightest and most prolific artistes from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Spectacular explosions, well choreographed fighting sequence, attractive and "hot" girls, authentic kung-fu and state-of-the-art computer graphics is what you will get in this action flick about an elite team of young cops who speak the lingo of the streets, who are young, hip and in touch with the Generation-X. Team leader Di Jun (Tay Ping Hui) leads a team of young and audacious Generation-X cops (Jay Leung, Kelly Kuo, Phyllis Quek, Jeff Wang, Gina, Kwan De Hui and Duncan). They may be young, but they certainly pack an attitude. These Generation-X cops hope to show some of the veteran members of the police force a trick or two in dealing with the new generation.

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