Devotion 阿娣

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

A 25-episode heartwarming drama serial spanning the decades- Devotion: A-Di alias Liu Zhao Di, is born in the 60s amidst sand quarries during the heyday of sand quarrying. Zhao Di, the fourth daughter in the family and whose name means "brings a younger brother", is given away to an uncle after her mother finally gives birth to a boy. He mistreats A-Di like a maid. When she was little, A-Di falls into a quarry pond and was saved by Huang Da Ke. Love blossoms between them after they are reunited in adulthood but A-Di is forced by her foster father to marry Xu Zhong Zheng, the boss of a garment factory.Not long after A-Di marries Zhong Zheng, he was manslaughtered by two subordinates. After Zhong Zheng died, A-Di works in a soy sauce factory. She becomes the object of love of Hong Ke Qin, the boss of a soy sauce factory. However, she rejects his overtures because of her deep love for Da Ke whom she thinks is dead.A sequence of events lead to A-Di adopting five children from different families - Yuan Fang, Shuang Jie, Si Wen, Shan Shan and Wu Feng - and raising them while working at Ke Qin's factory, "Home Flavour". Raising five children has been a bittersweet experience for A-Di who never once entertained the thought of giving them up even in life's most difficult moments...Fast forward to the 90s - Ke Qin dies of an accident, leaving "Home Flavour" to A-Di. Despite her tussle with Ke Qin's sister over the control of the soy sauce business and the numerous obstacles she encounters, A-Di remains undaunted.Yuan Fang and Shan Shan's parents were jailed for murder. Brainwashed by her father, Yuan Fang is convinced that A-Di is responsible for his imprisonment and plots to seek revenge. The rebellious Shan Shan is also causing A-Di much grief.Shuang Jie is close to A-Di and protective of Si Wen, He feels for Si Wen but realizes that he loves Shan Shan. The love triangle between Shuang Jie, Si Wen and Shan Shan leaves them entangled by their relationships.Si Wen loses her hearing in a childhood accident. She falls in love with Shuang Jie while Yi Min, an autistic worker in the packaging section of "Home Flavour", is secretly in love with her. During an outburst, he kills Si Wen. Yuan Fang appears at the scene, kills Yi Min in self-defence and pushes the blame to Shuang Jie.A-Di and Shuang Jie are implicated in the murders. A-Di saves Shuang Jie by accepting culpability. Rejoicing, Yuan Fang attempts to seize "Home Flavour" with Shan Shan's mother. Fortunately, their cahoot is exposed. A-Di blames herself for Yuan Fang's misdeeds. She turns herself in to the police after persuading Yuan Fang to turn over a new leaf. Yuan Fang is filled with remorse...

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