Don't Worry, Be Healthy 家有一保
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Jiabao is a typical employee – he has a stable job and income but is stagnant in his position as an editorial assistant. Like many around him, he often worries about the family finances. His editor finally retires, giving him hope that this is his chance at a promotion but his boss has someone else in mind, causing him to worry even more about his future. His wife, Shumei, is a part-time insurance agent who is obsessed with Korean dramas. She hears from her good friend Carol that her favourite Korean star is in town for a holiday and follows him all the way to his hotel. She meets her husband there and finds out that he is trying to score an exclusive interview with the superstar in order to get into his superiors’ good books and become the front-runner for the promotion. What Jiabao didn’t expect was to see his competitor chatting with the said star, which shattered his chances at the promotion.

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