Eat Already? S2 吃饱没? 2
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Entertainment

Season 2 of Eat Already ? depicts the lives of dessert stall owner Ah Soon and his wife, who struggle to keep their business afloat as a new business competitor moves into the coffee shop.. 顺嫂的姐姐 Kym 向来与阿顺不和,某日下午,Kym 忽然出现在咖啡店里。王嫂遭逐出家门,带着亡夫遗物在外游荡。圆叔与圆嫂在咖啡店新开了汤圆档,和阿顺打起对台。搬离邻里前,阿牛嫂与鸟王和大家吃了一顿团圆饭。阿顺夫妻不认同女儿佩诗的志向,两代开始起冲突。

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