Eat Already? 吃饱没?
Release date / Available from:
Some Disturbing Scenes

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Entertainment

A cooking competition is happening at a Community Centre. Amongst the participants is Ah Bee, who wins the competition. Ah Bee starts his thank-you speech by recounting his past; how he was contemplating suicide just a mere few months ago. Ah Niu Sao finds Ah Bee sleeping, and not fulfilling his promise to bring his brother Ah Qiang to the Enabling Village. She has no choice but to do it herself. She receives a call from her boss, who threatens to fire her if she doesn’t report to work. Ah Niu Sao goes to work but faints. 大巴窑西区的民众联络所举办了一场厨艺大赛。胜出者就是Ah Bee。他发表感言时,表示他站在这么多人的面前,觉得很荣幸。几个月前,他也是站在很多人的面前,然而那一次却是觉得生不如死,站在天台上,准备跳楼。 时间倒退回到十个月前,Ah Bee不守承诺,没有送阿强去Enabling Village参观。阿牛嫂只好自己送阿强去,可是她的老板要她马上回去开工,不然就扣薪水。阿牛嫂匆匆来到咖啡店,开工不久,就晕过去了。

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