Eat List Star 1-minute Challenge
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For my first challenge, I prepared Sticky thai coconut rice with Thai saute chicken and toasted peanuts. Ingredients are as follows; -Jasmin rice -Green onions, chopped -Garlic, minced -Lemon grass sauce -Coconut milk -Peanuts -Skinless boneless chicken breast, cut in thin long strips -Sesame oil -Pad thai sauce -Fish sauce -Parsley -Chicken broth -Fresh lemon juice -Corn starch -Red onions, sliced -Vegetable oil -Red chili, sauce -Sugar Step 1 I placed some peanuts in a dry sauce pan and toasted them on high heat for about 2 minutes and set it aside. Step 2 In a pot, I placed 1 tablespoon veg. oil, green onions, garlic, ginger, red chili, and sauted till tender. I added lemon grass sauce, coconut milk, and chicken broth, and salt. I let it simmer a bit before adding the rice, and cooked till rice was tender. Step 3 In a bowl, I combined corn starch, fish sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil, pad thai sauce, sugar, and chicken strips. I sauted the chicken strips, added cocconut milk and cooked till it was tender.

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