En Bloc

What happens when a family home is about go en bloc ? It’s been all over the papers and discussed at dinner tables around the country: Will my estate go en bloc or not ? Singapore has officially gone en bloc crazy. This new drama takes a deeper look at the issue, zooming in on the Lim family and the consequences of having their estate up for an en bloc sale. Through that one cataclysmic event, each of the show's eight one-hour episodes explores the dynamics of family relationships, the unfolding of family secrets and how the characters and their relationships are affected and influenced by the sudden onslaught of wealth. There are the reluctant parents, who dread the thought of leaving the home they've lived in for decades. There is the son with the troubled past, the opportunistic younger brother, the hot-headed young lawyer, the aimless youngest child, and the uneasy daughter-in-law. How will this family keep itself together in the midst of their disagreements ?

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