Entertainment On 5

Audio: English
Genre: Entertainment, Variety

Glamour, performances, games...they are all key ingredients for any entertainment show worth it's salt. For your dose of celebrity news, updates and rip roaring fun, tune in to Entertainment on 5 ( E on 5), a brand new celebrity driven variety series on Channel 5 featuring showbiz names from the local, regional and international world of entertainment. Hosted by Kui Jien, E on 5 will feature a bevy of stars, exclusive performances and fun studio games in an hour-long show. Celebrities will be invited on the show to share with audiences a bit about their lives, what makes them tick and also be a platform for them to talk about current or upcoming projects like movies, stage productions, television shows etc. In addition to all the juicy celebrity interviews and updates, the show will also feature musical guests in every episode. The show will also feature sneak peek performances by acts from upcoming shows on Channel 5 like OMG ! (One Moment of Glory). As the show is recorded in front of a live audience, there will also be plenty of opportunities for the studio audience to participate in spontaneous segments like games, product giveaways and treats.

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