Falling In Love 情有可缘

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

This Singapore-Malaysia remake of Jacelyn Tay’s You Are The One has pretty Jesseca Liu doing an ‘Ugly Betty ? out on the prowl for love. Other stars include Zhang Yaodong, Henry Heng, Eunice Ng, Phyllis Sim, William San and Alan Yun. Zheng Fu Rong (Henry Heng) is a chef in a Chinese restaurant. His cooking skills are extraordinary and he is a kind-hearted man. Because his wife passed away early, he has taken on the roles of both mum and dad to his three precious daughters. A responsible and do-it-all father, he is comforted and happy that his daughters are all filial to him. Like all parents, Fu Rong looks forward to the day his children find wedded bliss. However, not a single one of his three daughters is in a stable relationship, which worries him greatly. Fu Rong’s three princesses differ very much in character. The eldest, Zi Shan (Eunice Ng) is blessed with both looks and talent. She is a capable young lady working as creative director for an advertising firm. Zi Shan believes that love is secondary. On top of that, she is one who knows how to enjoy life, and thus is not on the lookout for a life partner.

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