Family Wanders 带你去吃风

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Entertainment, Travel, Variety

Find out more about each artiste’s travel plans at To Ian Fang, his single mother is more than just a mentor and confidante. She is someone the young actor counts on and looks up to. But at the same time, there were many questions he had always wanted to ask his mother, such as her divorce from his father and the decision to relocate to Singapore. Seizing the opportunity to explore Japan together with his mum, Ian planned to pop some sensitive questions, amidst the packed itinerary of shopping, feasting and experiencing the land of the rising sun. 虽然长得一张娃娃脸,Ian Fang方伟杰却比同龄人成熟独立多了。原来Ian的成长岁月饱经变迁,以至直到今日都对母亲有许多不谅解。利用这次的日本之行,Ian准备在良景美食的衬托下,向母亲发出道道尖锐问题、解开困扰他多年的身世谜团。

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